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About Kanha


The quintessential tiger territory of Kanha National Park is situated in the heart of India , in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The forest supports lush vegetation of Sal and Bamboo trees and is dotted with several meadows and savanna fields. The park is known the world over for its diversity of flora and fauna. Besides supporting a healthy and proliferating population of the Bengal Tiger , the park also supports the only surviving species of Barasingha- the hard ground swamp deer. Other mammals such as Leopard , Sloth Bear , Gaur , Sambhar , Spotted Deer and the Blue Bull are also found. Kanha is also home to many bird species that resident as well as migratory – the paradise flycatcher , Brahminy Kite, Egyptian Vultures , Indian Pitta , Grey Hornbills and Storks amongst several others.

The park is spread over an area of approximately 2000 square kilometres around 950sq  metres of which is core area and the rest is buffer. One can visit the park throughout the year as each season brings its own unique flavour to the land , however , the park is closed during the Rainy season of Monsoon ( roughly from mid july to early September, subject to variation). In the summer months ( late April till mid july ), the days are very hot and the nights quite warm. The winter months last from late November till the end of January and are characterised by pleasantly chilly days and cold nights. Monsoon months are a great time to try and get to know the local community traditions up close. People can go for community visits , art and craft workshops, adventure hiking , trail biking and birdwatching. The meaningful sustainability of the wildlife conservation efforts is supported by the efforts of several interdependent stakeholders viz. the government forest department, the wildlife tourism supporters , local indigenous communities and everybody else who is directly or otherwise associated with the wider ideals of nature protection . They support using new technologies for wildlife studies , involving the local communities and seeking their active contribution and inviting subject field experts to enhance and apply the existing knowledge and the subsequent learning. Kanha remains a land of true mystique and bountiful surprises. We should do our best to conserve its blissful serenity for the generations to come.

By  Train

There are a number of other trains from Delhi / Mumbai and other parts of the country to the closest railway station  “Jabalpur” . Complete detailed information is available on  and For last minute tickets on most trains the Indian Railways charges a small premium, the scheme is known as Tatkal. The Indian Railways also have a special quota on most trains for foreigners and Defence personnel.


There is a daily flight to from Delhi and Mumbai to Jabalpur ( 4.5  hours ) From Nagpur ( 6.5 Hrs. ) and from Raipur ( 4 Hrs ) . Road transfers can be arranged by us from the airport.Tickets can be booked on individual airline sites from : or  Alternatively you can go through these websites as well

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