Serenity Jungle Retreat


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    Restaurant 1

Dinning Hall – The Restaurant offers delectable local fares, handpicked and refined for you by the hard working staff of our kitchen. Along with various cuisines

Gazebo – Alghi Dadar –

Inspired by the local architectural aesthetics and traditional idioms, the Gazebo takes you to the heart of the quintessential Baiga way of being furnished with a burnt brick fireplace and the traditional wood and jute charpoys – an ideal place to get lost in introspection with a book or a drink.

Mahua Jod – Open Space

A recreation space beneath the Mahua trees, is an ideal spot for hosting folk and tribal cultural performing art such as dance, plays and community singing.

Basking in the evening bonfire specially in winters, its hard to resist the sense of feeling cheerful and uplifted.

Taalab – In House natural water body

It is known to attract a multitude of indigenous as well migratory birds. Providing an ideal vintage point for the bird lovers.

Our guests are also invited to try their hand at hooking the local catch that is sustainably cultivated by us at the Taalab.

We delightfully organize Bush Dinners for our guests on request.